Tips on How to Choose Good Computer Chair

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Is your life dominated by sitting in front of your computer screen for long hours on a daily basis? In fact, it’s not true that many people spend long hours seated next to their computers due to passion. Instead, it comes as an obligation through which they earn their daily bread. Whether you use a computer for studying or office work, deciding on the computer’s processor, RAM, and memory capacity is very critical. These three aspects are the key determinants of the intended performance of your computer. While deciding on the three aspects above is critical, choosing the computer chair on which you’ll be seated comfortably for long hours is more critical. You also can read the post about cool, comfortable, cheap desk chair for computer gamers first.

If you don’t make yourself comfortable as you spend long hours in a sitting position, it may lead you to developing long-term physical complications. The most common health problems that office workers develop due to long sitting hours include back pains, spine aches, neck and shoulder pains, pelvis complications, pain in thighs, knees and calves, among others. It’s imperative to choose the right computer office chair that will promote a good sitting posture and eliminate the risks of future physical health problems. Below are the tips that will help you in choosing a good and comfortable computer chair.

Adjustable Seat Height

A good computer desk chair should offer you an adjustable height option. The chair should be fitted with a pneumatic adjustment lever for easy seat height adjustment. It’s recommended that, as you sit, your arms remain even with the height of the computer desk and your feet flat on the floor, with thighs horizontally oriented. The computer chair you choose should giver you the option to adhere to the above recommendation.

Seat Size (Width and Depth)

The seat size, or rather the width, shouldn’t be on the extremes. Too small or too big seats don’t promote the right sitting posture and comfort. The proper size of your computer chair should make you feel comfortable when you initially sit down, and the comfort should persist for a significant length of time. The depth of the seat, i.e. front to back of the seating space, is usually overlooked. The depth should be enough to allow the user’s back to lie comfortably against the backrest.

Seat Cushioning Material

This shouldn’t be an option. The cushioning material of any computer office chair must be comfortable. The padding material should be soft and comfortable enough in order to encourage the long hours you spend sitting. A computer seat with a foam-filled cloth fabric that breathes is highly recommended. Materials that don’t breath easily may cause some discomfort with the long periods of sitting.

Backrest and Lumber Support

The backrest of your computer chair should be wide enough (12-19 inches) to support your back. In case it’s separate from the seat, it should be adjustable in height and angle in order to accommodate the natural curve of the spine. The lower back, or the lumbar spine, is curved inwards. The lumbar spine should be well supported whenever you sit for long hours so as to prevent it from strains.


A seat that has armrests promotes a proper body posture while sitting. They help the users’ hands and arms to rest at the correct height and position. Armrests will reduce the strain as you use the computer’s mouse or keyboard.


Any conventional style of office chairs must have a swivel. You should choose a computer chair that has a swivel and can rotate with ease. The rotation allows you to reach different things, placed on different areas, on your computer desk without straining.

In conclusion, I believe the tips above will be of great significance as you choose your computer chair. Give your comfort a priority so as to enjoy and remain seated next to your computer for longer.